Those who don’t Adapt will Become Extinct: The Benefits of Keeping your Skill Set Up to Date!

In today’s ever changing technological society, it is imperative that you stay current on today’s software programs as well as the socially accepted forms of communication. People in the workforce must make sure to stay updated and polished in order to at least keep up with the changing work environments. Students are now being trained for jobs that don’t yet exist. So how can you make sure you are ready for the many changes you will face over your career?

Know the trends in your industry: Read all you can about your specific industry and know which trends are affecting that area. Many industries have their own publications so stay abreast of new and emerging changes that may affect your job. By becoming more knowledgeable you will even learn to make better decisions. You will be able to recognize opportunities that are available and to notice threats to your organization when they appear.

Just recently I attended a business meeting in which we were discussing the skills and software programs students will need to learn in order to be competitive in the current job market. I quickly realized that changes were occurring and certain skills were no longer required for the job. Newer technology appears to be taking the place of older software so spending time learning the old software would be a futile effort.

Adapt or become extinct: It’s just a fact that those who don’t adapt are doomed to become extinct. Your skill set needs to be current so you should always work to stay updated on changes in software, certifications, procedures, and any others affecting your field. By updating your skill set you will make yourself more marketable and valuable to a company. Employers don’t want to spend the time and money to train their employees so take the initiative yourself to keep your skill set current.

There are many opportunities for free online webinars and training videos that will teach the skills you need so make time to learn something new. A great resource for training videos is Khan Academy, a nonprofit educational organization. For example, December 6th – 13th is The Hour of Code in which you can take a free course that teaches the basics of computer coding. The direct link to this course is: (

More job advancements opportunities: Maybe you are content and feel secure in your job, but in reality your skills may have become outdated. Not only can learning new skills benefit you on your job, they may motivate you to become even better at what you do which has its own rewards. Your employer may begin to notice your newly developed skills and may find opportunities for advancement in your career. In addition, you may find yourself better skilled for a new career if that is an option you are seeking. You might even find yourself in a position to start your own business if this is your goal.

Be a lifelong learner and become the best that you can possibly be. Make a decision today to read an article, watch a webinar, complete a learning module, take a class, or participate in The Hour of Code. Don’t make excuses! Make it a goal to always be ahead of the curve.




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