7 Ways to Ensure Job Security from 48 Days by Dan Miller

For those of you who are employees, how can you ensure that you are secure in your job? While there may not be a 100% guarantee for job security, Dan Miller has listed 7 Ways for helping to ensure job security. I took the time to watch Dan’s video found at http://www.48days.com/true-job-security and decided I would pass the information along to you.

Dan lists the 7 ways as:

  1. The need for wisdom – Even though you may have obtained knowledge through your education and degrees, Dan suggests that is just as important to have wisdom as to how to apply that knowledge. Have you ever meet someone who is extremely intelligent yet can’t even figure out how to change a light bulb? They have the knowledge but they haven’t learned how to apply wisdom using that knowledge. Employers are looking for wise employees. Some of the best workers and employees may not even have the education that we consider necessary, but they have the wisdom that makes them a great addition to the company.
  2. The changing models of work – Many people today have learned to work in different ways so they become consultants, independent contractors, freelancers, entrepreneurs, etc. No longer is it a requirement that you work as someone else’s employee. Now you can become your own boss much more easily than in the past with the use of technology.
  3. Make your life intentional –Make an effort to meet new people and make new friends from different cultures, backgrounds, faiths, etc. It can be a very lonely existence without making friends along the way.  You need people and they need you.
  4. The power of relationships – Understand that no one becomes successful by himself. Relationships are extremely important. Look for ways to connect with other people and to help them. Remember, life is not always about “me.” It should be about “we.” Do you know people that all they ever talk about is “I” did this and “I” did that even though they are part of an organization? I have news for those people. They are not indispensable. Someone can be hired that can do the exact same job, as well as, if not better than they were doing, at least in most situations.
  5. Serve those around you – Dan says that you need to learn to serve more people. As a consequence you will be able to make more money. Don’t always just look for ways that serving will benefit you. Make it part of who you are.
  6. Have a pleasing personality – It doesn’t cost you anything extra to be nice to other people. Learn to smile and listen well to everyone. Be pleasing to talk with and be generous with your resources. You never know how much someone is hurting and just needs to feel that someone cares about them.
  7. Know your gifts and talents – What makes you unique? The gifts and talents that you possess are part of who you are. Work to build on those gifts and talents and you won’t have to simply rely on a degree. People who work in their gifts enjoy what they do.  Remember that not everyone needs the best education to become the best they can be.

I urge you to take about 6 minutes and 32 seconds of time today to watch the video by Dan Miller. It was an inspiration to me this morning as it made me stop and take a look at myself and to consider what I am doing. I plan to use these 7 steps to see where I can make improvements and I hope you do the same!






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