Businesses you can start from home or a dorm room!

Entrepreneur magazine has many great articles for the entrepreneurial-minded person. I found an interesting one that I thought be applicable to someone wanted to start a small business or someone who needed extra income but didn’t have the type of schedule for a full-time job. These ideas could work for people who don’t want to commit 40 hours a week outside the home or who would rather be their own boss.

1) Website designer – Websites are a common item for companies and bloggers these days. A professionally designed website can be a valuable asset to anyone who is trying to drive traffic to their website. Customers will often base their purchasing decision on elements such as the ease of use and even the overall image of the website. When I am directed to a website for a purchase, if it doesn’t look professional, I am less likely to make a purchase.

2) Photography – Users of today’s social media use images on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc., to communicate. Just think about the images you have seen on social media. A great image will tell a story and businesses are finding ways to utilize these images in advertising. With today’s technology and a smart phone, you can create high quality images for clients.

3) Social media consultant – Individuals that are familiar with trends in social media and in a great position to consult companies on how to bring awareness to their company through the use of social media.

4) Event planning – Party and event planners can take stress off corporate and private clients by handling all the details of special events.   See the link below for more details on how to become an event planner:

5) Information consulting (IT) or computer consultingYou might be amazed at the number of people that would pay to have someone help them learn a new computer skill or help with programming. Technology changes so quickly that are skills are quickly outdated so help is usually necessary.

6) Personal trainer – These days, we hear quite a bit of talk about getting in to shape and living a healthier lifestyle. A personal trainer can help people with designing workouts and training for all different ages. We should all try to take better care of ourselves and a personal trainer will be there to coach and encourage you along the way.

7) Graphic design – Graphic designers can assist businesses in the creation of logos, products, designs, etc. Their designs can help visually represent the company through advertising, brochures, reports, etc.

8) Lawn care and Landscaping If you have a lawnmower and a few other lawn care tools, you could start your own lawn care and landscaping company. Many young people in our town have their own lawn care businesses and have even begun to offer a few landscaping services. Often, residential communities will have requirements for lawn care so there could be a great opportunity waiting for you in your community.

9) Cleaning – Many businesses hire after hours cleaners to come in and clean office or stores. I would think you could contact local businesses to offer this service. The local Chamber of Commerce member listings might be a good place to find business contact information. Free advertising on social media could be used. A flyer could be created and emailed or posting around town on bulletin boards.

In addition to cleaning businesses, individual houses could be cleaned for extra income. This might be an option for the working family that has little available time to do household chores.

10) Freelance makeup artist – If you are talented with makeup, you could set up appointments for special events such as weddings, proms, pageants, parties, photo sessions, etc. You could create YouTube videos demonstrating how to apply makeup or give tips for makeup products and application.

These are just a few ideas that might be appealing to you and there are certainly other businesses that can be created to help you earn income.  Consider what you enjoy doing and determine whether or not you can create an entrepreneurial idea that will work for you!

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