5 Other Daily Habits That Will Make You a Millionaire

Today’s post is a continuation of last week’s 10 Daily Habits That Will Make You a Millionaire by Daniel Ally found at (http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/272753). I hope that you implemented at least one of the 5 habits discussed last week. The last 5 habits are:

Habit #6: Exercising – Oh, no. Did I actually say exercising? Yes, I did. Millionaires and others are aware that exercising is a necessity in finding health and balance in one’s life. Take care of your body and your mind will be taken care of as well. Even small activities can be helpful. Instead of taking the elevator take the stairs. There are apps that can be used to track your steps. It is interesting to see how much or how little we move each day. Make a conscious effort to get up and moving even while you are at work. Simple exercises can be done at your desk.

Habit #7: Relaxing – Well, this is a tough one for many of us. I find it difficult to relax but it is a very important habit. Relaxing clears the mind and allows the body to recover from the stress of the day. If you don’t find time to relax you will find yourself becoming burnt out. It is difficult to perform at your best when you are stressed out. Realize that you cannot control everything that happens. Worrying and stressing can take a toll on you physically and mentally. Make relaxing part of your daily routine.

Habit #8: Affirming – According to the article, the average person talks to himself 12,000 times per day! I am often my own worst critic but the author makes a point to say that what we say to ourselves can affect our lives. Keep it uplifting and focus on the positive aspects, not the negative.

Habit #9: Mastering your craft – Just think of someone you know that is great at what they do. If you take a look at their life, you would probably see they dedicate many hours to becoming great. I have read about famous athletes that attribute their ability to the fact that when others had gone home they were still practicing and trying to get better. My son spends many hours each week practicing the clarinet and it certainly shows. He could simply settle for being average but he has decided that he wants to do better than average. I applaud him for his dedication to mastering his craft.

Habit #10: Masterminding – Creating the right relationships is important in life. Surround yourself with those people who can help you and you can help in return. I try to avoid those people who drag me down instead of uplifting me. There is enough negativity in the world. We all need friends and acquaintances that will support us mentally, physically, and spiritually. I have many people who have made a positive impact on me in all three areas.

Pick one or two habits to focus on at a time. Then make them part of your daily routine. Continue working daily on these habits and before you know it that will just automatically be part of your life.


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