Unique Ways To Create Income

Have you ever wanted or needed to create an additional source of income? Maybe you want to pay off debt or save more for the future. There are many ways to create an additional stream of income while still working your current job

1. Create items to sell online – If you enjoy crafting you could set up an account on Etsy and sell your items online. I have looked at many different sellers’ websites on Etsy and often sellers have sold thousands of unique handmade items through their Etsy store. Be aware that buyers can be located around the world, so make sure you understand the costs of shipping and include those costs when selling the item.

Another place to sell items online is through Facebook. My local community has a Facebook page dedicated to selling and trading. The cost is free to list your posts.

2. Sell at flea markets – Flea markets can be a good place to sell items that you have around the house. Some sellers go to yard sales throughout the week and purchase items to take and sell at the flea market on the weekend. Remember, one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.

3. Become a freelancer – If you have a skill that can be used to complete special projects, you might want to consider becoming a freelancer. For example, if you are an expert at web design you could become a web design freelancer. Maybe you enjoy writing and could become a freelance writer. Some people will pay you to write for their blog.

4. Become a tutor – Take the knowledge and skills that you have and become a tutor. My background is in Accounting, therefore,  I could choose to become an accounting tutor online or through the local high school, college, or university.


5. Become a caterer – You could start out small and offer specialties such as desserts or cook meals for families. These days many families are pulled in many directions and having a healthy home cooked meal is sometimes not an option. This is where you could create a menu that can be prepared and delivered to families.

6. Become a personal shopper – The Christmas holidays are just around the corner and people often do not have enough time to complete all their holiday shopping. How this would work is you would be given a shopping list and then you purchase the items. I would suggest charging a fee either based on the total cost of the items or based on the amount of time and effort needed to complete the shopping. Additional services you could offer are gifting wrapping, shipping, and delivery.

7. Become a House sitter – Take care of someone’s home and animals while they are out of town by house sitting for them. On several occasions, my family has paid someone to come in and take care of our pets twice a day and bring the mail in. They would also change the lights to make it appear that someone is home. A house sitter could even stay at the home if necessary. A flat fee or per day fee could be charged for this type of service.


While this is certainly not an exhaustive list of ideas to create additional income, it should serve as a starting point for creating your own additional stream of income. The possibilities are many so find the one that work best for your particular situation.


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